About Me

My name is Hans Schachtschabel . I enjoy the creativity of Photography .  I retired as a child and adolescent psychiatrist ( 2012) and I spent a lot of time now taking Photo’s and developing them in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Under my nickname Hans Falk , I am also a lifetime free-lance Photographer and run a business : Hans Falk Art Photography  (named after my grandfather to honor him)

In 2006 I moved from Amsterdam to Wijk aan Zee , back to my roots , nearby the sea , where I belong.
My photography is mostly about  the sea and related subjects , wind , waves , sky , boats ,fish , hands at work. There is no specialisation, I make photo’s of what interest me and I will see what comes on my path. I love to make portraits ,mostly in available light.

Travel photography from Antarctica to the Atacama desert (Chile) is a part of my free work.

My first exhibition 1990 : ‘IJmuiden revisited’  : Analoog Black and White.

My latest business projects are photo’s  for websites of  a notary , a fish and a wine restaurant :

http://www.lautenbach.nl/contact.html ,  www.visenko.nl    ( under construction) ,


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